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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tomica Limited ~ Mazda RX-7 & Mazda RX-8

Hmm.... I think this post not compare Mazda RX-7 & Mazda RX-8.
Just take some photo for fun since both are brother.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tomica Limited TL0039 Mazda RX-8

Long time no update my blog due to busy working and also my house renovation.

This time I review TL0039 Mazda RX-8, a Sport salon car.
If compare with Mazda RX-7, I love the RX-7 body shape but like the creative design of RX-8 Door "freestyle door" ~ after open the doors don't have the center bar.

This TL0039 Mazda RX-8, a metallic Red paint with a real look sport RIM.
A little disappointed because the creativity designed door can't be opened.

Unfortunately Tomica don't produce Mazdaspeed RX-8 diecast, if not sure get it for my collection.

" From wikipedia

Production 2003–present
Assembly Hiroshima, Japan
Predecessor Mazda RX-7
Mazda Cosmo
Class Sports car
Body style(s) 4-door quad coupé
Layout FMR layout
Engine(s) 1.3L Renesis NL
Transmission(s) 4- or 6-speed automatic and 5 or 6-speed manual
Wheelbase 2004-08: 2703 mm (106.4 in)
2009-: 2700 mm (106.3 in)
Length 2004-08: 4425 mm (174.2 in)
2009-: 4470 mm (176 in)
Width 1770 mm (69.7 in)
Height 1340 mm (52.8 in)
Curb weight Manual: 1309–1373 kg (2888–3029 lb)
Auto: 1384 kg (3053 lb)
Fuel capacity 60 L (16 US gal; 13 imp gal) "

Here is some photos of Mazda RX-8.