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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tomica No. 51 Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi

I have been looking for this Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi quite long time.
Search few places before even KL also, but I can't see any Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi.
Finally, I get my Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi at Ipoh during 2009 Chinese New Year holiday.

This Tomica in black shinning finishing with clean and tidy TAXI wording, looked very elegant.
Only one of the back door can be opened for passenger, inside you can see the partition between taxi driver and passenger for taxi driver protection and prevent from robber.
The base is made in metal same design as Tomica Regular Mini Copper.

Here is some photos.

Back Door can be opened

Metal Base

PS : My camera already send to recently no update.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tomica Gift ~ Street Festival Shop Trucks Collection (Continue)

Continue review individual Truck for yakitori stand truck, an oden stand truck, a crepe stand truck, and a curry stand truck..

1) Yakitori stand truck

2) Oden stand truck

3) Crepe stand truck

4) Curry stand truck

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tomica Gift ~ Street Festival Shop Trucks Collection

This is the Tomica Street Festival Shop Trucks Collection.
I get this set from Oversea also... wonder can get from local shop or not.
Everyone focus on Tomica Byun2 Racecar Collection Gift Set but This Samba truck also a good collection too.
There four cool Tomica die-cast trucks, bringing delicious foods to street festivals!
There's a Subaru Samba yakitori stand truck, an oden stand truck, a crepe stand truck, and a curry stand truck.
This 4 Subaru Samba truck can open side(door/window) for business.

Temporary show some pictures 1st. I will post one by one soon.

Find parking 1st.

Open Shop

Before new guys open shop, have to refer this 2 old Brothers 1st.
Tomica No.45 Suzuki Carry Chinese Noodle Vendor (Left)
Tomica No. 35 Subaru Samber Noodles Truck (Right)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tomica No. 81 Honda NSX-R

Another Honda Type R car ~ Honda NSX-R.
Honda NSX is a 2 door Coupe and were developed by Honda in year 1990-2005.
Overall quite nice in detail but no door can be opened.

I still miss the Tomica Regular Honda NSX (Non-Type R)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hotwheels ~ 2008 Lancer Evolution Loon Edition

This is my first touch up for Die Cast.
I use my Gundam touch up skill for Die Cast, so the 1st one got to Hot Wheels Lancer Evolution X.
Actually Hotwheels EVO X lack some colors ~ a lot location just plain color only.

This round I using 3 color ~ Flat Black, Gun Metal & Silver.

Can you see the difference between Loon Edition with Original one?