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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tomica No. 51 Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi

I have been looking for this Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi quite long time.
Search few places before even KL also, but I can't see any Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi.
Finally, I get my Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi at Ipoh during 2009 Chinese New Year holiday.

This Tomica in black shinning finishing with clean and tidy TAXI wording, looked very elegant.
Only one of the back door can be opened for passenger, inside you can see the partition between taxi driver and passenger for taxi driver protection and prevent from robber.
The base is made in metal same design as Tomica Regular Mini Copper.

Here is some photos.

Back Door can be opened

Metal Base

PS : My camera already send to recently no update.

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Starscream said...

Waiting for your camera to return to action to see more pictures!