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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tomica Gift ~ Street Festival Shop Trucks Collection

This is the Tomica Street Festival Shop Trucks Collection.
I get this set from Oversea also... wonder can get from local shop or not.
Everyone focus on Tomica Byun2 Racecar Collection Gift Set but This Samba truck also a good collection too.
There four cool Tomica die-cast trucks, bringing delicious foods to street festivals!
There's a Subaru Samba yakitori stand truck, an oden stand truck, a crepe stand truck, and a curry stand truck.
This 4 Subaru Samba truck can open side(door/window) for business.

Temporary show some pictures 1st. I will post one by one soon.

Find parking 1st.

Open Shop

Before new guys open shop, have to refer this 2 old Brothers 1st.
Tomica No.45 Suzuki Carry Chinese Noodle Vendor (Left)
Tomica No. 35 Subaru Samber Noodles Truck (Right)

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