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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hotwheels 08' Viper SRT10 ACR L.E.

This time I direct skip taking photo before detailing.

The original casting from Hotwheels lack detail while compare with real car tuned by ACR(American Club Racer. It incomplete red stripe and black paint at bumper, bonnet some incomplete color (red and black), back side missing trail lamp and black color, also wing spoiler missing red stripe too.

I have to using my shaky hand to paint it, maybe you can see some areas hand painting skill not so good.

By the way, I still lack the red and black ACR viper. T.T

Original (Borrow from


jonleyrosdiecast said...

nice mod loon

Kin said...

Hi Eric,

Another superb body work , perfect colour combination , liveries & etc.

"Good to collect such rare supercar".