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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hotwheels '70 Dodge Challenger HEMI L.E.

This Hotwheels is a buy 3 free "1" from TRU. A none my cup of tea Hotwheels, I take this one than other ugly Hotwheels car.

I decide to touch up it to become a real 70 Dodge Challenger HEMI look. I add front & back bumper chrome silver, front grill, rear light and some chrome silver touch up.

Below is the outcome.

Original Photos (from Hotwheels


Calvin's BLOG !! said...

Woah very nice paint color <3

Kin said...

Hi Eric ,

Wow!!! Dodge Challanger in this striking "Orange".
The latest Fast & Furious 5 driven by Dom buy in black matt finish.
Is truely one of American muscle car.

"Nice Collection".

:)Cheers ,