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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hotwheels '70 Dodge Challenger HEMI L.E.

This Hotwheels is a buy 3 free "1" from TRU. A none my cup of tea Hotwheels, I take this one than other ugly Hotwheels car.

I decide to touch up it to become a real 70 Dodge Challenger HEMI look. I add front & back bumper chrome silver, front grill, rear light and some chrome silver touch up.

Below is the outcome.

Original Photos (from Hotwheels


Unknown said...

Woah very nice paint color <3

Kin said...

Hi Eric ,

Wow!!! Dodge Challanger in this striking "Orange".
The latest Fast & Furious 5 driven by Dom buy in black matt finish.
Is truely one of American muscle car.

"Nice Collection".

:)Cheers ,