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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tomica Lambroghini Reventon VS Hotwheels Lambroghini Reventon L.E.

Lets compare Tomica & Hotwheels Lambroghini Reventon L.E. (Touch-uped).

Both Casting quite nice, But Tomica win due to surface smooth and no burr as Hotwheels.
Painting wise, Tomica more even than Hotwheels poor yellow paint.
Tomica taillight more clean and tighty than Hotwheels as my Hotwheels one slanting a bit.

However, Tomica detailing still need to be improved.


ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

No doubt..the winner goes to Tomica! Do hope the Tomica can use more clear or chrome wheels instead of black!

Eric @ Loon said...

Actual Reventon no Chrome Wheels