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Monday, December 19, 2011

Tomica Limited 0133 Sileighty RPS13 Kai

A Sileighty (シルエイティ) is a Nissan 180SX with a Nissan Silvia's headlights, front fenders, hood, and front bumper installed, hence the 'Sil' in front and the 'eighty' rear. a short form is Sil(via)(1)eighty(SX).lol

The Sileighty (also written as Sil80) originated through early street racers in Japan who owned Nissan 180SXs with damaged front ends. Because the Silvia's front panels and lights were lighter and cheaper than the 180SX replacement parts, many drifters used these parts instead. Unknown to the public until the release date, these end user modifications inspired a Japanese auto shop, Kids Heart, to produce a small number of so called "official" or "real" Nissan Sileighties. It is on record that 500 cars were made by this shop, and were only sold in 1998, possibly through Nissan dealerships
Besides, This Sileighty also famous as it appear at Initial D, a blue Sileighty drive by Mako and Sayuki.

This Tomica Limited 1st release inside Tomica Limited Initial D 6 cars set. Until this year, Tomica release in normal Limited box.

This casting no door can be opened, it is with transparent headlight & trail light.

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