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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dream Tomica Series

This is my latest receive Tomica, a new series of Tomica call Dream Tomica.

This Dream Tomica release this month/end of 2012 Dec at Japan, as a new series that my childhood dream car. This cars can refresh my memory.

All paint job in tip top quality. Pikachu series car quite heavy as I notice this is full metal as the window is painted. However batmobile very lightweight as it have been released as Tomica Limited Batmobile Blind box last few month.


J.Cork said...

i love the pokemon cars... Im also a HUGE diecast guy

Yevonne said...

OMG! so the dream tomica series is not just composed of batmobiles!!! on top of this, the complete batmobile line is only available on the tomica limited series. Just another checklist aside from this one New Release Batmobile Diecast Collectibles

Anonymous said...

Nice Review. I'm glad you mention the weight of the Pikachu car because that's a detail not many people consider.

I added a link of this to a wiki-type research database called hobbyDB. They specialize in diecast, so I hope you don't mind. You can see where I posted your link here:

Thanks again ^___^