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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tomica Limited Nissan GT-R Collection

This is the Tomica Limited #100 Anniversary Nissan GT-R Collection.
This set released at 27 Nov 08 to celebrate Tomica Limited already achieve TL0100.
Inside have 5 GT-Rs (silver, gray metallic, white, red, and black) and 1 Tomica Limited History booklet.

Below is the Photo :

When compare with TL0099 Nissan GT-R box with This sets, the TL0099 wording not appear.


Starscream said...

First comment, simply brilliant for a Skyline fan =) goodie!!

Toycarsmy said...

Loon, more details report needed.

Loon said...

Report later due to recently busy working.
Saturday also need working.
Sunday need ask my queen permit