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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tomica Limited ~ TL0099 Nissan GT-R

I have to review the TL0099 1st before the Tomica Limited #100 Aniversary Nissan GT-R Collection set.
This Nissan GT-R (Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R)I get from oversea due to worry the TL0098 Honda Civic Type R not stock case happened again.

This time Tomica supprise me:
1) Tomica Limited Nissan GT-R release before the Regular Tomica GT-R release.
2) I found that TL0099 have individual head lamp. I think recently already remove the individual light but this time they bring it back again.

Both front door can be opened.

Anyway, This is the nice car from Tomica Limited and a must by collector.


Starscream said...

Individual head lamps? Were there two types of TL0099 being produced??

Eric @ Loon said...

I mean not painted head lamp..