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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot Wheels ~ Aston Martin V8 Vintage Loon Edition

I get my Hot Wheels Aston Martin V8 Vintage from the PROMO Pack.
1st time look at it, I feel it lack a lot of detail and the poor quality of handling the cast/mold parting line (front & back).
So I decided to touch up some detail but can't help on the parting line.

Before Touch up, fresh from the packing as below :

Just detail the front grill and bumper, also the back lamp.
After touch up as below:


danielh said...

Good touch up! This aston now look more lively.

Eric @ Loon said...


aris raptorclans said...

neat stuff bro, but the vantage's rear lights are actually c-shaped

here's a link example:

cheers ;)

Eric @ Loon said...

No choice la...My hand can't draw C Shape due to area too small and this hotwheels cast no line also.

Joey said...

Love your blog man-aris wa right but i know you tried :) by the way, it's aston Martin v8 vantage, not vintage

aris raptorclans said...

no worries bro it's still nice ^^