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Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Majorette Lancer WRC meet Hotwheels Evolution WRC

Hmm... this time I try to put this 2 difference mother born (manufacture) Mitsubishi Lancer WRC brother(1 might be Lancer & another might be EVO).
Both are difference manufacture, difference version of Mitsubishi WRC or difference age of WRC.
I had done some touch up color on the Hotwheels Mitsubishi Lancer WRC(Loon to make it more "Ohm~~".

I still have one more Tomica Limited Mitsubishi Lancer EVO WRC ready to add in this comparison later.

Which one is your favor?


RikMun said...

Nice!i hope i have such a comparison

danielh said...

i chose that majorette evo wrc because the colour and the liveries is really up to the mark but the hotwheel tempos are poor here,

but for casting, i prefer that hotwheel version.

nice pictures!!