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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tomica Limited TL0040 Toyota 2000GT (SCCA Red No. 33)

Tomica Limited TL0040 Toyota 2000GT (SCCA Red No. 33), I get it together with another TL0040 Toyota 2000GT Blue No. 23 from oversea. I am looking for this 2 cars few years ago until I get it with a reasonable price.

Old Tomica is nice, with Metal name plate and better paint. 2 front doors can be opened as Tomica style.

Next post, I will show the SCCA No.23 Blue Toyota 2000GT.


shaz @ kurz said...

UWAAAHHH so much different than the new one TL0125!! this means not only HW, but tomica also becoming a bit stingy on decals now..hehe said...

its really limited for Tomica ...