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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tomica Limited TL0040 Toyota 2000GT (SCCA)

Tomica Limited TL0040 Toyota 2000GT again, with both together with my photograph.

Toyota 2000GT (SCCA) also can be said as Shelby 2000GT, that Carroll Shelby (an American retired automotive designer and racing driver. He is most well known for making Mustangs for Ford Motor Company known as Mustang Cobras which he has done since 1965. His company Shelby American Inc., founded in 1962, and currently sells modified Ford vehicles, as well as performance parts) would also enter a pair of 2000GTs to compete in the SCCA production car races competing in the CP category. Initially Shelby built three cars, including one spare. Although performing well (2nd & 3rd), 1968 was the only season the car competed in the US. Toyota took back one of the cars and rebuilt it into a replica of their record car, which still resides in Japan. The two remaining Shelby cars still reside in the United States.

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