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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Matchbox Honda Civic Type R (Euro)

A lot of collector claim that Civic Type R (Euro) will be one of the most collectible Matchbox diecast. Some collectors say that this Matchbox like T-Hunt(Treasure Hunt) of Matchbox due to it is very detail.

Matchbox Honda Civic Type-R is one of most detail Matchbox. I don't need do any detail job.
Euro Civic ~ it short and light than Civic here but It still have a lot of supporters.

Some pictures sharing here.


danielh said...

agreed with you, matchbox has done a very good detailed on this Type R andit's one of most sought after collection.

Ajeetha said...

I don't know the ABCs of cars. But one of my friends is a die hard of Honda Civic 2010. Could you tell me where I could purchase one diecast of this to gift him?