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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When Hotwheels Ferrari F430 Challenge meet each other

Since I already have 2 version of Hotwheels Ferrari F430 Challenge ~ Ferrari Racer Series & Hothweels 10 series.
I notice both just have slightly difference when you compare each other ~ 4 Rims & SHELL Logo. The Ferrari Racer have more nice look RIMs and SHELL logo both side, however I feel the 10 version RIM size more suitable. Other than that all
But the price for Ferrari Racer version double than the 10 version (RM14.90 VS RM6.50).

Hmm... do you think that is worth pay for Ferrari Racer version just for 4 RIMs and SHELL logo?


danielh said...

hmm,very hard to decide. i will choose both of it as variation collection.

Louis C said...

Probably not, I think the regular version looks good enough.