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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tomica No.50 Hasemi Tomica Ebbro GT-R 2009 Sepang Spec

This is my latest Tomica No.50 Hasemi Tomica Ebbro GT-R 2009 Sepang. Until now I still wonder why it called 2009 sepang? After I recheck the 2009 Sepang Result ~ for GT500 – 1st Place go to HASEMI TOMICA EBBRO GT-R driven by Ronnie Quintarelli and Hironobu Yasuda.

Compare with older version GT-R Racing (Yellow Hat Version), I more prefer this hasemi maybe due to CNY (Chinese New Year) coming soon. lol

Here is some picture that I taken by my new len :

2009 Sepang GT500 Champion

1 comment:

danielh said...

nice pictures of the real car and and the hasemi tomica ebbro!

hope that i can get this !